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Attack 2014 – Final Challenge Photos

“Any professional is intended only to start from the beginning amateur, if there is no stage of good amateur , does not cause the excellent professional is born”

We are no longer amateurs.

There is no other connection in time attack save for that of the driver and their car. This ‘closed world’ racing has proven to yeild the optimum conditions for attacking the clock. A bit different than our Battle Evome profiles, here you will get an overall glimpse of the contenders in Attack; some you may very well recognize.

This past weekend at the proving grounds of TC2000, the final event of the rapidly growing ‘Attack’ series took place under the cloudy skies of Shimotsuma. Not to be mistaken with the Evome series we also cover on NDF, Attack is of it’s own origins. The Tsukuba Championship had a tremendous showing and to see all the top breeds of Japan’s Attack players in one place was absolutely amazing. On this day, they were given one final opportunity to prove themselves…

The Deep Grip FD3S seen here looking much different than last year.

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