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Angel Rust: Chevrolet Pick Up


It was on March 8,2013, that my husband surprised me with the green monster, a Chevrolet Pick-up. We had been scouring the market for awhie and found someone in Durban that was looking for a LDV so a swop was ...

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1962 Chevy Nova


On a cold winters morning, a load of Rods were lining up on Blaauwberg beach for a calendar photo shoot. As miserable as the lack of coffee and constant rain was making me, it all became better when a Chevy ...

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Lamborghini Miura


Lamborghini’s first car to feature a V12 in the middle, we’d like to know about it. The Miura may not have been the world’s first-mid-engined supercar (the Ford GT40 came earlier), but it was the first serious hypercar designed from ...

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Citroen DS


Even now the Citroen DS looks as though it’s from another planet; when it debuted back in 1955, it must have appeared as though the martians had landed. With its hydropneumatic suspension, inboard disc brakes and swivelling headlamps, even now ...

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Until the 240Z arrived, sportscars were temperamental – it was called ‘character’. But once the Japanese decided to have a go at building something fun rather than merely functional, the sportscar landscape would be changed forever. Before now. the British ...

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