Aston Martin V8


All of Aston’s models now look as though they’ve melted in the sun, but there was a time when it created this brute of a grand tourer, with its rumbling V8 and menacing lines. And that was just the standard ...

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Citroen SM


Fast, rare, exotic and looking as though it’s landed from outer space: all ingredients which when combined, are guaranteed to produce something so cool, it hurts. Pain was certainly something many SM owners felt; perhaps Citroen should have called it ...

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Fiat Dino


Only the Italians would commission one styling house to design the open-topped version of its new car. and another to come up with the looks for its соирё. As a result, the Bertone-styled Dino соирё looked absolutely nothing like the ...

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Alfa-Romeo Monreal


fully fledged supercar that just about nobody has ever heard of, even though it was built by a mainstream car maker that’s still going. Let’s face it, have you ever seen an Alfa Romeo Montreal? The car was first shown ...

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BMW M5 E28


BMW didn’t invent the Q car with its original M5, but it had a good go at making it more mainstream and far more usable. For years, BMW had the super-saloon market pretty much to itself thanks to this car, ...

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