What is JDM?


You have probably heard people talking about JDM cars, and JDM parts and accessories, but do you know what JDM is and the initials JDM stands for?

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The Most Popular Russian Cars

Marussia Motors

Russian car brands may not feature in many car enthusiasts top ten lists of car manufacturers, but Russian vehicles a still a force to be reckoned with. Most brands of Russian cars were developed solely for the domestic market, so ...

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What to Know About Window Tinting


Window tinting  sure looks great when professionally done. It adds a nice, streamlined look to the vehicle and reduces the amount of sunlight entering the vehicle, but are there other perks to window tint? Of course, and understanding these perks ...

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Top 10 Fastest SUVs for 2015

Audi SQ5 Fastest SUv

The SUV has seen dramatic changes over the last decade. For the better part of its history, the sport utility vehicle really took on the same characteristics as trucks. Often built on the same assembly line, the only real different ...

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How much does it cost to wrap a car?


Figuring out the cost to wrap a car in a solid color is a complicated process. Solid wraps are much more difficult than full color wraps when trying to making the wrap look clean. The reason for this is that ...

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