How to Stance Your Car


Stance cars are usually really interesting to look at. Such cars usually are lowered so that hydraulics is placed in their suspensions giving them the look like their wheels are protruding. Sort of like the “bow-legs” of cars. Stance cars ...

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What Does Suv Stand For?

Mercedes-Benz ML back

If you have ever wondered, what does SUV mean, this should provide the answers you have been looking for. SUV is a type of car body. Is a bit of a cross between a truck and a jeep, or a ...

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What is a Hatchback?


A hatchback type of car has its body configured in a way that it has a rear door that swings in an upward manner to open and provide access to the cargo area, unlike its traditionally compared to sedan that ...

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Top 5 Station Wagons to buy 2015


This article will guide you through the Best wagons 2015.There are not so many wagons on the roads today. Many drivers are crazy about crossovers and SUV. Still, there is a place for the wagon in the automobile market. A ...

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International RXT Pickup Truck


Let`s begin with the fact that International XT is a series of pickup trucks that were manufactured by Navistar International company from 2004 to 2008. Their first truck was introduced in 2004. It is safe to say the International CXT ...

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