1936 Auburn Boatale Photos and Specification


1935 / 1936 Auburn Speedster Specifications  Manufacturer Auburn Automobile Company Country of Origin United States of America – Auburn, Indiana Years of Production 1935 (851) and 1936 (852) Production 500 Units Estimated Designer Gordon Buehrig Engine and Drive Line Engine ...

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1995 Mercedes-Benz Vision 2005 Truck by Colani


The main differences of Mercedes-Benz Vision 2005 – a convenient entry into the cabin through the side door and side aerodynamic pylons, organizing the flow of air to the sides and at the same time supporting a massive glass dome cabin. ...

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eleMMent palazzo – Palace on Wheels


If you hate boats, but want to live that superyacht lifestyle, Marchi Mobile’s eleMMent Palazzo mobile home will suit you perfectly. Yes, it costs $3 million and it looks like a cyclops, a shipping container, and a cabin cruiser got ...

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