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Half a century after it was introduced, the 911 rumbles on.

But back in 1977 when the 928 burst onto the scene, Porsche’s plan was to replace its flat-six supercar with this water-cooled front-engined V8 machine, which supposedly addressed many of the failings of its predecessor. But Porsche purists saw the new arrival as way too radical for them; it was far too big and heavy, which is why it was perceived as more of a grand tourer. Rarity was guaranteed; most of those who wanted one couldn’t afford a 928.

The 928 may have been way out of reach for most new cars buyers, but that didn’t stop it from being voted European Car of the Year in 1978.

The original 928 was fitted with a 4.5-litre 240bhp V8, but the displacement and power steadily rose; things peaked with a 330bhp 5.0-litre unit.