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Suzuki Escudo Monster Sport Specs and Price

Monster also known as Nobuhiro Tajima is a renowned hill climb racer who established his association with Suzuki sport and returned in World Rally driving a Suzuki Cultus and Olympus rally. He also participated in Pikes Peak International Hill climb near Colorado Springs, USA and triumphed. It was the largest hill climb race in the world. It was a twenty kilometer course featuring 156 corners. The Suzuki Escudo Monster Sport was a machine that was built for this purpose.

The Suzuki Escudo Monster Sport is a legendary car that produces 981bhp at 8100 rpm with a torque of 95 kg-m at 6500 rpm. The car comes with a 2.7 L V6 engine and weighs 1020kg. The Suzuki Escudo Monster Sport was built using an aluminum space frame automobile with a Kevlar bodywork and carbon Fiber. When the vehicle is at 800 kg it is featherweight and for Nobuhiro Tajima be able to drive it on the slippery gravel course the engineers gave it a colossal rear wing and a massive front spoiler. Tajima was a master of such road terrains having won seven All Japan Dirt Trials championship in a row. In 1995, he became the first Japanese hill climb overall winner.